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How It All Began...

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I said I would work for someone else for the rest of my working lifetime. I also said I was done with the restaurant business. That was in 2015. It lasted 6 months. I went to a local pub and restaurant to be the General Manager and realign the food costs and labor hours. An enjoyable job that had many perks and promises but unfortunately ended before I was hoping. The owners chose to close after six months. The place still stands vacant to this day.

I was left with a new vehicle, new home, and wondering which direction to turn. I went on a few interviews. One took me to a small family owned organic grocer. The owner admitted that she could not afford to pay me what I needed. I inquired as to what had happened to the other half of her space and she said that it just wasn't needed but would make a great cafe...

And so it began. That ball of excitement and trepidation that goes with thinking should I attempt this? The worry of how the heck will I do this? The thought will Scott think I'm a lunatic? So many emotions. So many unanswered questions. I honestly worked through them with lists of pros and cons and the typical fretting that comes with my brainwaves.

So you are are thinking then why? Because it is a challenge. A puzzle that needs to be put together and honestly at the end of my lists and fretting it is my Passion. Creating. Cooking. Being in the kitchen. Making beautiful or delicious things that people love or want to eat again.

I love trying new recipes and making dishes from what one would think to be an empty pantry. It warms my heart to use a loved family recipe or to recreate a vision from a picture and see others enjoy it. It started by feeding 4 hungry kids and trying to get them to try everything once and enjoy many foods without the typical kid reaction. Ask my kids for the Brussel sprout story! Still makes me laugh until my cheeks hurt!

It took months of work and patience (Scott had that) to become Stacie's Corner Cafe. Months of money and contractors and finally we opened with a beautiful, shiny kitchen, a farmhouse feel, high hopes, and a welcoming attitude. Looking at it 3 years in musters pride, passion, and dreams that keep growing.

When I think of it I'm still in awe. When I close my eyes I see my customers and employees smiling and happy. I am blessed and thankful that this has become my life.

Welcome to My Kitchen. I hope you always leave with a full stomach and happiness to continue your day.

xo Stacie

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