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Sugar Sugar, Oh Honey, Honey, We Are Your Candy Girls....(and Guys)

Rollout Cookies. It's where it's at. Sweet treats. Happy food.

We are swimming in them and loving it! Add in Cocoa Bombs, Truffles, and Chocolate Covered Strawberries and we are in heaven.

What about Breakfast and Lunch you ask? Oh, we are there with Dinners To Go as well. We are keeping busy. January and February can be a ghost town in the restaurant biz.

Not for us; we dig in our heels and push (literally) through the snow and cold to keep bringing great food and sweet treats your way.

Look for us to continue this venture in sweets; especially cookies as we

are as enamored with them as you all are. I have visions of cookie cakes coming up in the future and continuing with the decorated cookies. Look for us to up our online presence and add order forms for specialty orders and an online shop to order holiday cookie sets!

We are so excited for 2021! Thank you for joining us in our dreams!



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