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338 Days Later

338 Days.

Seems like a lifetime. When I reflect on what Stacie's Corner Cafe was like then it often seems like an out of focus memory. Lines out the door; laughter; hectic. Free and easy behavior.

And then I reflect on the now. What we have become. How we have grown and just what we have made important. We; all of us at Stacie's Corner Cafe.

Instead of turning tables, we have focused on happy interactions. Happy food. Time. Making sure we can provide a product that eases someone's day or makes them smile at the happiness of it all.

At 40% capacity; we have 8 seats in house. A definite change and frustrating for some customers who show up to eat when we are at capacity, but one we have managed to work with. What else can you do? We offer takeout and delivery to your car; most choose this. Others want to dine in and have waited in their car for the next available table, some even dared the cold and ate outside.

We are thankful for it all. We feel fortunate to be able to transition to providing other fun options for food such as ice cream, cookies, cookie cakes, truffles, and cocoa bombs.

We are ok. All of us. We are on the climb up from the unknown. We look forward to each day of this new year and look forward to the end in sight.

Me?? Where am I at? Most of the time I can see the Forest through the trees. Other days? Frustration. Exhaustion. Short tempered. I'm human.

I find joy in creating and am so thankful for the time this pandemic has given me to create again. I am thankful to have visions and dreams to keep moving forward with great plans. I am grateful for a staff, family, friends who are always willing to lend a hand.

So 338 days later I am ok. This challenge didn't break me. I was lucky to have a solid foundation and so many who dug their heels in beside me and kept moving forward.

Corona you stink. You have taken without shame. We in turn took from you what you thought you could destroy. The Happy. We still have it. Now it's time to move forward from this.

"Learn to adjust yourself to the conditions you have to endure, but make a point of trying to alter or correct conditions so that they are most favorable to you." ~William Frederick Book

We look forward to more creativity to come. See you soon!

xo Stacie

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