My cookie prices start at $60/dozen (regular size 3.5-4")

All cookies are individually heat sealed for freshness. 

This is for basic, non-elaborate cookies.  Adding more than 3 colors, lots of writing, airbrushing intricate designs, metalics, painting, etc. Will raise the price of the cookies. 

Characters, logos, and jerseys will have special pricing. 


When filling out the custom order request form, please be specific so I can give you an accurate idea of the cost.  

You should hear back from me within 24-48 hours after your request is placed! 

Each baked good is made with quality ingredients and sprinkled with a lot of love.

These baked goods are made in a commercial kitchen. While these baked goods may not contain nuts,

please note they are not made in a nut free kitchen.

All invoiced orders are nonrefundable, we will work with you to either credit or make your order at a later date.  


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